Master P

Romeo Miller has been going through it, and he's finally speaking out.

New Orleans rap legend Master P. is currently trending. Not for his music or his reality show but for giving his two-cents on Lamar Odom’s health condition. TMZ caught up with the rapper at the grocery store and P. aka Percy Miller shared that he was Lamar’s good friend and “mentor” for over 15 years. […]

If you hear “uhh,” it’s a good chance Master P is in the room. People can still be heard rapping the lyrics to his 1998 hit single, “Make Em Say Uhh.” But where did this interesting ad-lib even come from? Master P  fills us in on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Watch the video to see him tell […]

Master P is a business man, and he’s about to make his next big move. According to Headkrack, the rapper/entrepreneur is set to release a biopic. Would you watch a film about Master P’s life? Do we care that much? Well, he seems to think so. Listen to this edition of Hip Hop Spot to hear what’s he’s trying to […]

We have been reporting for months on the epic divorce battle in which Master P and estranged wife Sonya Miller have been publicly dragging each other through…

It was recently reported  Master P‘s soon to be ex-wife accused him of kidnapping his own kids. Master P is fighting back by posting a video of his kids denying they were abducted and speaking badly about their mother. Gary With Da Tea thinks they were coached. Listen to Gary’s Tea in the audio player to hear the full […]

Looks like Master P’s ex-wife is trying to make the judge say “unhh, unhh”, pay up, pay up, pay up, pay up! According to TMZ,  “Mr. Make em say unhh”, is in a child support battle with ex-wife Sonya. Percy “Master P” Miller, was ordered to pay $271 a month based on his monthly income […]

Master P was ordered to pay $271 in child support to his ex-wife Sonya for four kids! Master P, real name Percy Miller’s monthly income was documented as $1,387. Until the court can verify P’s “real” monthly income he is ordered to pay the small amount above. Master P has six children in total. Spotted […]