That Rihanna & Ciara Twitter beef from last week was so insignificant and silly that we’d actually forgotten about it until we came across this pretty funny parody of the whole thing.

Though Willow Smith‘s “Whip My Hair” is already 5 months old, an eternity on the internet, the song is still ripe for parody. brilliantly sends up the song in this new clip, “I Wish My Dad Was Will Smith.”

Cee Lo Green shows off his sense of humor in a hilarious parody of the popular television show “Inside The Actor’s Studio.”  In this video, Cee Lo, wearing whiteface make-up, interviews himself.

Usher may need to rethink a segment of his live show where he brings a female fan on stage during the song “Trading Places.”

Ghostface Killah is one of the funniest dudes in all of hip-hop, hands down.

Just like Conan O’Brien before him, Jimmy Fallon’s run as a late night host got off to a rocky start, but over time, Fallon’s become very comfortable and endearing as host of a late night talk show.

While appearing on Comedy Central’s popular show The Colbert Report, Cee Lo Green was asked to perform his hit single “F*** You,” but in order to make the song palatable for the show’s “family friendly” audience, host Stephen Colbert suggested a lyric change…

Thirty minutes into a Delta Airlines flight from Minneapolis to New York City on November 5th, passengers were surprised with the latest outburst from Kanye West.

Rihanna was the musical guest on this past week’s episode of Saturday Night Live and as expected, she and SNL‘s Andy Samberg reprised their hilarious  “Shy Ronnie” sketch that they debuted last season.