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Ghostface Killah is one of the funniest dudes in all of hip-hop, hands down.

On his Twitter account (@GhostfaceKillah), Pretty Tony has been lacing his followers with some valuable yet hilarious hygiene tips on everything from brushing your teeth to when not to drink milk.


Take heed.

Tony Starks has spoken!

Ghostface on Drinking Milk:

Be careful you know I mean whatever whatever to each his own but that milk that coffee hot chocolate and sh*t, milk shakes… Son you’ll f*ck around and be sh*tting on yourself if you got somewhere to go thats mad important man. I’m telling you G, don’t just get up and act like you drinking some milk n*gga and you bout to bounce. Cuz you gon f*ck around and sh*t on yourself. If you stuck in traffic n*gga, you gonna sh*t on yourself.

Ghostface on Proper Bathing Techniques:

Y’all n*ggaz that be f*ckin with that bird bath sh*t thinkin y’all clean, like you just gonna go in the bathroom & wash your nuts your face. Thats not cleaning yourself. I don’t give a f*ck how much soap you put on your little bird a*s chest n*gga. It ain’t working my n*gga. Nah mean, get your a*s in the shower son. Get between your toes n*gga. Wipe your a*s n*gga.

And when you get in the shower for n*ggas that don’t know how to take showers, wash your f*ckin face first man. THEN wash your nuts. Don’t wash your nuts and then wash your face. You feel me! You goin’ backwards. A lot of y’all n*ggas ain’t know that sh*t! Nah mean. And scrub hard! Scrub your balls hard n*gga, scrub your little dirt off your ankles that when you was a lil kid u couldn’t get em off & sh*t. Sh*t kept sticking there even tho how hard you tried haha. For y’all n*ggas that got that sh*t, y’all n*ggas ain’t clean man. Word up man! And have a b*tch getcha back. Cuz your back is dirty son! The back of your a*s and the back of your back. Scrub that sh*t n*gga.

Clean your a*s with the best soap. The best soap from the heavens above n*gga. That’s Dove!

Ghostface on Brushing Your Teeth:

Im tellin yall man. When yall get up in the mornin man, don’t just brush your teeth man scrub your tongue. Scrub that f*ckin Halitosis off that f*cking tongue of yours. Word up!

This is real talk right here. Tony from New York.

Scrub your tongue man, thats where all your bad breath, your little f*ckin corroded bacteria be runnin around tap dancing on yall f*ckin tongue at night son. Word up.

Dried up food n*gga!

N*ggaz got that food tongue, wake up mouth smellin like sh*t son. Cuz its all in your mouth son. It’s growin on that sh*t. Nahmean. Scrub that sh*t son. Put some toothpaste on that sh*t, brush your teeth and scrub your tongue man. Scrub ya lips, all that shit man I don’t give a f*ck. Stick the toothpaste toothbrush down your f*ckin throat if you have to my n*gga! Word up! Get that sh*t up off there. Thats not nice! Thats not a good look.

Brush your f*ckin teeth everyday cuz your mouth, y’all might not can’t smell it but yall sh*t smelling like mad sh*t! Brush your f*ckin teeth man, do it hard man. Brush them sh*ts til your gums bleed my n*gga! Do something man. Swallow a box of baking soda and peroxide! Mattafact this how you do it, brush your teeth, throw some listerine in there too at the same time man.Your sh*t gon be on fire but it work!

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