Ashley 'Ms. Minnie' Ross of Little Women: Atlanta has passed away after being involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Rickey Smiley and Headkrack chatted with Juicy and Amanda & Andrea Salinas about Little Women: Atlanta. Rickey tells the twins about how they gave him trouble at church last Sunday, and asks Juicy whether there will be any wing fights to come on the show. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Plus, find out why Juicy […]

Gary With Da Tea was so excited to receive twerk lessons from Amanda & Andrea Salinas, two of the cast members from Little Women of Atlanta. The ladies showed off their pro-skills in the studio while Juicy, who says she’s “retired,” supervised. The ladies wore Gary out with their expert lessons, and had some laughs […]

Minnie came through to the studio to talk with Rickey Smiley & Juicy about Little Women of Atlanta. But before any words were even spoken, Minnie’s shirt said it all. Just on the heels of Juicy & Minnie’s wing altercation, Minnie walked into the studio wearing a shirt that says “Got Wings?” The levels of […]

Rickey Smiley was all set to interview Juicy about Little Women of Atlanta when the spirit swept him up and took him away! Instead of discussing the show, he puts his love for the Little Women into song and takes everyone to church singing about it. Rickey gets carried away and hypes up the whole […]

Juicy recaps the latest episode of Little Women of Atlanta, which featured the ladies going to Myrtle Beach for Black Bike Week. While they were there, Minnie confronted Juicy about the prior incident with the wings, when Minnie’s mother started throwing wings at Juicy. Plus, Rickey Smiley talks about getting revenge on all the people […]

Rickey Smiley was hanging out with Juicy & Minnie from Little Women of Atlanta. First Gary With Da Tea recapped a meal that Juicy unwillingly had with Minnie and her mother last week. The whole thing was quite literally messy, because it ended with a plate of wings being thrown! Plus, Minnie explains exactly why […]

Rickey Smiley took a break from being on the air to record the “Little Women:Atlanta” twins twerk. When the beat dropped to “Wicked” by Future the studio turned into a party which had Andrea and Amanda Salinas dancing for Rickey as he recorded it and rapped along. Check it out! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen […]

Since Juicy has started appearing on Lifetime’s hit series “Little Women: Atlanta,” she’s noticed the impact it has made on her daily life. Check out the video above to hear her insightful thoughts on how she feels the show has changed her life, in this exclusive video from “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.”  Sign Up For […]