LeToya Luckett

Hear how Black Tony shot his shot and where he wants to take Letoya Luckett out to dinner. Will she say yes?!

We spoke to Letoya Luckett about her role in 'Raising Kanan' and how she tapped into her own experience as a mother to get into character.

It's now looking like LeToya Luckett just got lucky again in Hollywood after nabbing a starring role in an upcoming drama series on FOX titled 'Our Kind of People.'

Easter weekend seem to have reconnected LeToya and Tommicus and fans are wondering, are they back together?

It's bad luck in the relationship department. Gary breaks down all the relationship drama that happened over the weekend.

The former Destiny Child's singer is 39 and looking absolutely fantastic!

Tommicus went out with a bang for this message to LeToya's family & friends.

LeToya Luckett says she's made a prayerful decision to leave her husband, Tommicus Walker.

Do you think Letoya Luckett is getting divorce?