Lee Daniels

Lee Daniels’ Star may not be returning for another season but the show isn’t over just yet.

In light of all of this, people on social media starting mentioning Mo’Nique’s name in the conversation, in memes, on tweets, in articles. But none of us had heard from Mo’Nique herself.

Lee Daniels teased the idea of creating a superhero film with a gay person in the central role, and he’s finally secured someone that fits the bill. Superb*tch, a rising star on social media, will play the character after Daniels took to Instagram to make the big reveal. Complex reports: “Y’all remember maybe 10, 12 […]

Basically, Daniels said he knows who is responsible for Mo’Nique getting blackballed from Hollywood. And the answer is … Mo’Nique! In his interview with TMZ‘s “Raq Rants,” the director says it’s past time for Mo’Nique to quit bitching and blaming Tyler Perry, Oprah and himself for shutting her out of the movie biz. He goes on to point […]

The director and the mogul quickly settled their feud after a viral video.

The beef is done. Director Lee Daniels says that he will be paying Damon Dash back the $2 million he owes him and also apologized for the holdup.  Dash even graciously accepted his apology. By now you’ve surely seen Dash put the press on Daniels for his dough while at a Diana Ross concert. It […]

Dame Dash doesn’t play when it comes around to his money. He caught Lee Daniels in person and the result was another classic Harlem g-checking. At a recent Diana Ross concert the media mogul stepped to the filmmaker about monies owed him. Apparently in 2014 the former Roc-A-Fella Records CEO fronted Daniels two million dollars […]