k. michelle

It’s about that time for Gary With Da Tea to give us some updates in celebrity news.

Singer K. Michelle has never been one to shy away from showing parts of her body.

R&B singer, K. Michelle in a recent interview with Revolt spoke out about R. Kelly and how he allegedly sexually abused women and kept them hostage in a home.

The singer used Twitter early Thursday morning to get a lot of things off her chest.

K. Michelle is opening up about her relationship with R. Kelly and the sex cult allegations leveraged against him.

  According to K. Michelle, Black women have been giving dragging her on social media for years. She hosted an informal Twitter town hall to vent her frustrations, starting off with this: https://twitter.com/kmichelle/status/895661571602608130 K. then said she goes out of her way for Black women. https://twitter.com/kmichelle/status/895661915556515840 Eventually, followers chime in, pushing the conversation forward. https://twitter.com/kmichelle/status/895665186832613376 […]

Today officially became “K. Michelle Day” in Houston.

The singer took to social media to accuse her friend of "snorting coke in her bathroom" and being an unfit mother.

K. Michelle waved goodbye to her luscious weaves and wigs and said hello to a bald look.