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In the wake of legal challenges to the plan for student loan debt forgiveness, the pandemic-era pause on payments is extended until June 30, 2023. 

The Biden Administration promised to reduce gun violence following the tragic death of Takeoff on Tuesday morning. The post White House Mourns Takeoff’s Death, Condemns Gun Violence: ‘Enough Is Enough’ appeared first on NewsOne.

It's time for midterm elections and President Joe Biden spoke with The Rickey Smiley Morning Show about his agenda. 

Under the new terms, borrowers who have loans issued through the government but held by private lenders will no longer be eligible for debt relief. The post Biden Administration Changes Eligibility Requirements For Student Loan Debt Relief Plan appeared first on NewsOne.

Are we on the verge of losing President Joe Biden?! When asked about running for a second term, he said that it's too early to tell.

Two people from Florida who sold Ashley Biden's journal and other items conservative media group for $40,000 pleaded guilty. We did it, Joe! President Joe Biden has officially announced a plan to eliminate some student loan debt for millions of Americans. As you know, the plan will include a $10,000 loan forgiveness ($20,000 for Pell Grant recipients) for individuals making less than $125,000 a year. In addition, he is extending the payment pause […]

Despite some positives, there are negative things also going on in the state.  What are the concerns you have when it comes to politics?   

The Front Page News discusses the health update of President Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris' fight for abortion, and the Dallas airport shooter.

Well, it looks like Joe Biden‘s wife Dr. Jill Biden just stepped in it as far as the Latino community is concerned. On Monday (July 11), the current First Lady of the United States drew outrage from Latinos across the country when she used a stereotypical metaphor to describe Latino children in a speech she […]