Davis Lucas, a comedian from Atlanta, is catching flack for his tasteless joke about the police murder of George Floyd. The post Comedian David Lucas Won’t Apologize For Tasteless Jokes About George Floyd’s Police Murder appeared first on NewsOne.

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As we know, Kanye West had more antics that happened over the weekend.  We discuss our thoughts on Kanye's remarks.

On the second anniversary of his murder, Houston will be unveiling a statue of George Floyd in a park in his hometown. 

Today's "Front Page News" is highlighted by what many of you have already been seeing for most of today, which is the terrifying invasion of Ukraine by the Russian military.

President Joe Biden made a rather interesting comparison between the murders of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and George Floyd, which gave our guy Jeff Johnson a serious urge to address for today's "3 Things."

Convicted murderer Derek Chauvin saved himself another trial and possibly more years to his prison sentence by pleading guilty to two federal charges related to violating George Floyd’s civil rights. Eight months ago, the former Minneapolis cop and poster child of everything wrong with America’s police culture was convicted by the state of Minnesota of […]

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer, pleaded guilty this Wednesday to federal charges that he violated George Floyd’s civil rights. Suprisingly, Chauvin also admitted guilt to a separate instance in case where he used similar tactic on a 14 year old in  September 2017. He also in that case, initially pleaded not guilty. Chauvin, […]

In "Front Page News" today, Eva recaps ex-NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's ongoing sexual harassment charges, the new company changes over at Facebook — err, we mean Meta! — a huge multimillion-dollar settlement for families of the tragic 2015 Charleston church shooting and more.

While Sen. Tim Scott has gotten the bulk of the blame for police reform failing, Bridgett Floyd, George Floyd's sister, said she doesn't "feel that Biden is stepping up as the President and doing the right thing."


Proponents of the proposed public safety charger argue that undoing a fifty-year-old charter amendment would correct the history of systemic racism and brutality from the city's police department.