All wanted Tina Lewis wanted was to be pampered, not bombarded with fatphobia and excuses.

Black Tony didn’t come to work today and that is because he was bullied online.

Rickey Smiley discusses what’s to come on “Rickey Smiley For Real!” Plus, the morning show crew has a spirited debate about the proper feet etiquette to conduct oneself with when visiting someones house. Click on the audio player to hear the hilarious discussion on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show! Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Get more of Rickey Smiley’s personal […]

Do you have dry, cracked heels? Why not try a paraffin wax. Paraffin foot treatments are used in spas and salons to lock in moisture. This ingredient is know for making your feet soft and supple. Paraffin wax clears the clogged skin pore and increases in blood circulation. Check out some other beauty tips of […]