James Harden‘s annual JH-Town Weekend has been a roaring success.


NBA star Kawhi Leonard will donate one million backpacks to underserved children in Southern California.

Travis Scott continues to give back to his city as earlier this week, Workshop Houston Executive Director Jamie Herrero announced that Scott donated $100,000 to the non-profit organization.

Last year Hurricane Harvey caused chaos and turmoil for a lot of people in Houston.

On any given day Gary With Da Tea is okay with talking bad about the Kardashian family.

Meek Mill has been in prison since late last year, but he still wants to try and make a difference from behind bars.

Colin Kaepernick began a million-dollar pledge a couple of months ago and reached his goal.

Colin Kaepernick’s Million Dollar Pledge has been going on for a little bit of time now.

Colin Kaepernick has had so many people behind him especially in the hip-hop world.