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Convicted murderer Derek Chauvin saved himself another trial and possibly more years to his prison sentence by pleading guilty to two federal charges related to violating George Floyd’s civil rights. Eight months ago, the former Minneapolis cop and poster child of everything wrong with America’s police culture was convicted by the state of Minnesota of […]

Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer, pleaded guilty this Wednesday to federal charges that he violated George Floyd’s civil rights. Suprisingly, Chauvin also admitted guilt to a separate instance in case where he used similar tactic on a 14 year old in  September 2017. He also in that case, initially pleaded not guilty. Chauvin, […]

Derek Chauvin and his legal team have reportedly been negotiating a federal plea deal that could provide some context to the cryptic message that the convicted murderer gave George Floyd's family in court during his sentencing.

Philonise Floyd discusses George Floyd's character, the plans for their foundation, and more about the case of Derek Chauvin.

Derek Chauvin will have to answer for his reckless disregard for human life. The lawyer on the case is requesting that he be given even more time than his charges demand. As spotted on News One, Attorney General Keith Ellison has formally submitted a memo suggesting that the former Minneapolis police officer be sentenced to […]

Civil rights leaders rejoiced that Derek Chauvin was convicted for killing George Floyd. But their collective sigh of relief was tempered as they reminded people that the fight for equality and justice is far from over.

Minnesota prosecutors are seeking justice for George Floyd, who died after Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin handcuffed him and kneeled on his next for about nine minutes. The murder trial begins March 8.

Black and brown corrections officers in Minnesota were forbidden from guarding the former police officer accused of killing George Floyd, according to a new racial discrimination lawsuit.

Derek Chauvin was released from a maximum security facility after posting a $1 million bond