Delta Airlines

Stephanie Johnson is no stranger to making history—in 1997 she became the first African-American female pilot for Northwest Airlines.

When it comes to speaking on political issues, French Montana admittedly tends to opt out. But the recent allegations of racial discrimination against Delta Airlines was enough to force the Bronx emcee to say something. French took to Instagram to weigh in on an incident that has now gone viral, in which YouTube star Adam Saleh and a […]

Another day, another ridiculous incident on a Delta flight, however this one involves the use of physical force. In a case of “you have to see it, to believe it” a woman aboard a Delta airlines flight in Detroit, Michigan had to be physically dragged from the plane after she refused to comply with a […]

The airline continued to explain the situation, instead of taking responsibility for doubting Dr. Cross' credentials.

Delta Airlines provided travelers on a recent flight to Los Angeles International Airport to some in-flight entertainment courtesy of B.O.B. The Grammy nominee performed his hit single “Airplanes” during the flight.