If Kim Kardashian thinks her ex will go quietly in the night, she might want to think again.  According to TMZ,  Kris Humphries believes Kimmy…

What happens when a man gets caught cheating on his girl live on the radio? Take a listen to the audio below to find out what happened on “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show“! Get Rickey Smiley In Your Inbox Tune in to “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” weekdays 6-10 am. RELATED: Which Dancing With The […]

I know you shouldn’t have to keep your man from cheating. But preventative medicine never hurt anybody. I always say that to some degree men are just as faithful as their options. If you leave a man with fewer options, he is less likely to cheat on you. 1. Give him some good love – […]

“Find My Friends”, a popular app on the new iOS5 for the iPhone 4S, may have to add a “find me a lawyer” feature. The way it works is that it allows your friends to see where you are, and if they are in the area you can all meet up. It is an optional […]

Steve Harvey’s ex-wife, Mary Harvey, put him on blast in a You Tube video that went viral today. The video details how Mary and her son almost died when he was born. She claims Steve’s current wife, Marjorie, was one of his many mistresses. She confronted Marjorie on the phone when she called her home […]

“Basketball Wives” Shaunie O’Neal, ex-wife of NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, recently appeared on a radio show and dished about how NBA players are not faithful to their wives. Shaunie said that Phoenix Suns forward Grant Hill is the only NBA player who is faithful to his wife: “Someone asked me recently if I knew any […]

Usher recently postponed the Virginia leg of his OMG tour and the reason given was that Usher” broke” his ribs. Hopefully you guys didn’t buy that one… spoke with an insider who gave them the scoop: Usher’s girlfriend Grace Miguel ,who is also his co-manager and stylist caught wind that Usher was GETTING IT POPPIN […]

Rapper Ludacris’ girlfriend Euxonie may want to rethink her decision to take this semester and NEXT from med school. I’m hearing that Luda may be cheating on Euxonie. The folks over at are reporting that Ludacris may be cheating on his girlfriend Euxonie. Luda recently performed at Florida Atlantic University annual Freakers Ball, and […]