Shandra is engaged to be married to Eric, but she cheated on him when she went to her cousin’s destination wedding in the Caribbean with a guy named Derwin. Derwin thinks Shandra was feeling him, and would be thrilled to be the father of her child. Shandra, however, isn’t really interested in Derwin and is […]

Tika Sumpter has been making headlines for more that just her stellar acting chops as Michelle Obama in Southside With You, or on Tyler Perry‘s The Haves And The Have Nots. Her pregnancy has brought her already gorgeous skin a beautiful glow, and we’re all anticipating the arrival of her baby girl. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The news […]

Jenai and Cheese dated for a little while until Cheese’s immaturity ended up being the demise of their relationship. On the other hand, he complains that Jenai is too bougie for him. They join the Rickey Smiley Morning Show to figure out the parentage of Jenai’s 6-week-old baby. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Listen to […]

Torrin and Doobie met each other on Instagram, and after exchanging likes, comments, and most importantly, DMs, the two met in real life for a few consecutive days of smashing before parting ways and returning back to their normal lives. But Torrin had a baby, and didn’t tell Doobie until the baby was over a […]

Masika is convinced that New Jersey rapper Fetty Wap is the father of her child.

In the latest installment of Paternity Test Tuesday, when Britney’s hair salon has an ant infestation, the exterminator turns out to be her next lover. Now, after the relationship was terminated, but a new baby has arrived, she’s demanding more child support, but not without a paternity test, of course. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! So, what […]

Talk about awkward. Two cousins got a mother and daughter pregnant. So what does that make the baby? A brousin (brother and cousin)? Listen to the audio player to hear us try to break down this complicated Paternity Test Tuesday!  Sign Up For Our Newsletter! Hear more paternity results right here and tune in every Tuesday for Paternity Test […]

Let’s just start off by saying this Paternity Test Tuesday is hilarious! A woman is claiming she’s pregnant by a man she met at a car wash. He says they smashed and was attracted to her because she looks like Mary J. Blige, but denies the baby. Listen to the audio player to hear how this story […]

Well, we definitely have a dirtbag on our hands this time. Our alleged father claims he doesn’t remember sleeping with the mother of his child. He’s a DJ and she’s a waitress. Listen to the audio player to hear the father talking about his “on point” pull-out game and why he plans on taking the […]