Angela Rye shares her prediction of Election Day and what people should expect after this election season. 

Angela Rye is a political pundit but her unapologetic Blackness, including wearing her natural hair on-air, is one of her most powerful political statements.

Jeff Johnson brings on Angela Rye to give context about Joe Biden's campaign and getting the support of the black vote.

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It’s been said that if you want to make God laugh, just tell him your plans.

Common and Angela Rye are either rekindling their flame romantically, or making time for one another platonically.

Mid-term elections are only six days away and Angela Rye called in to discuss not only what's at stake, but the purging of voters in Georgia

Angela Rye is a political commentator, activist and is known to have a swift clapback at anyone that tries to come for her.

CNN analyst, Angela Rye never holds her tongue when it comes to politics and has been taking over the internet with several viral interviews

Angela Rye and Common dated for a little while and then their relationship was over.