Serena Williams announced her retirement from tennis today. Her personal essay for VOGUE Magazine said she's looking to evolve from tennis. 

Although nothing will truly make the death of Ahmaud Arbery feel any less painful, his mother has found a way to not let it be in vain by creating a scholarship fund in his name that will benefit students at his former high school in Brunswick, Georgia.

Travis and Gregory McMichael and neighbor William Bryan have been found guilty on all hate crime charges.

Houston County Sheriff's Deputy Paul Urhahn was only suspended and not immediately fired after calling Ahmaud Arbery's tragic killing "the death penalty" despite showing behavior that suggests he has an implicit bias against Black people.

After carefully listening to arguments from both sides, Superior Court Judge Timothy Walmsley ruled that all three men who murdered Murdered Ahmaud Arbery will get life in prison.

Jeff Johnson's "3 Things" this week gives some insight into the cases of Ahmaud Arbery's murder trial and the deaths that occurred at Travis Scott's Astroworld Festival this past weekend.

Minshew said at one point Bryan questioned whether he should've even been chasing Arbery. But there does not seem to be a moment when he thought he was executing a citizen's arrest, as has been alleged by the defendants multiple times.

A newly released bodycam video shows Travis McMichael shamelessly blaming Ahmaud Arbery for provoking his own shooting earlier this year in Brunswick, Georgia.

Georgia police officers shot and killed a Black man in Brunswick, the same coastal city where Ahmaud Arbery was "lynched" in a killing that was allegedly covered up by local law enforcement.