3 Things You Should Know

Bethune Cookman University invited Betsy Devos, of all people, to be the commencement speaker.

eff Johnson served up his usual enlightening wisdom about everything pertaining to love.

When Black History Month comes around, people go back and forth in debate about its necessity.

Donald Trump's presidency has ushered in chaos, but he won't get impeached.

Jeff Johnson called into “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to give us ‘3 Things You Should Know.’ He talked about how encouraging it was to watch athletes open the ESPY’s with compelling statements on police violence. Johnson feels like this will become the new norm and will have other celebrities coming out to voice there […]

As it is declared that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee for the Democratic party in this year’s presidential election, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama set up a meeting behind closed doors. The meeting could be about any number of things, but Jeff Johnson is pretty sure he knows exactly what POTUS and Sanders are discussing- the […]

  Brock Turner, a swimmer at Stanford University, has been convicted of raping an unconscious woman. His sentence? About 6 months, because the California judge who tried him thought a longer sentence would be too damaging to him. Meanwhile, across the country, many young black people are receiving harsh sentences for crimes they did not commit, or […]

Not only was Muhammad Ali a heavyweight champion in his boxing career, but his work in civil and human rights made him a hero for just about everyone. As the world mourns the loss of one of the most revolutionary figures black history, his passing has brought us to reexamine his life and legacy. Sign Up […]

The second offer involved in the arrest that lead to the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore last year has been acquitted. Though it’s not the greatest news for prosecutors, it is the second of six officers who will ultimately be scrutinized for their involvement. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The disappointed has caused finger-pointing and questions pertaining […]

A cartoon by a man named Ben Garrison depicts a harshly exaggerated muscular and unfeminine version of Michelle Obama next to a dainty and femininely illustrated Melania Trump, with the caption “make the first lady great again.” The cartoon plays into ancient racist stereotypes about black women, that they are man-ish and brute and just inherently […]