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As the number of cases of COVID-19 starts to rise, your mental health may start to decline.  Being secluded to only one place can feel taxing not only to your body but also your mind.  With there being very little balance between work and play these days, here are some ways to protect your mental health while in quarantine.

Establish a routine.

Routines are extremely important during this time to keep the rhythm of life going.  Set your alarms for work, get dressed, maybe even continue to do groom yourself as normal.  The key is to try to keep everyday life as normal as possible.  Establish everything from your meal times, breaks, and even fun in the evening.  The routine doesn’t have to be extremely time stricken but it gives you an idea of how your day will go.  Be sure to add some quality me-time into the routine or something that will get you excited!

Eat as healthy and stay active.

It’s no secret that bad foods create a nasty mood. Choose to eat healthier while we’re on lockdown because not only is it naturally good for your health but it also plays a huge part in your mood. Working out is also key to boosting that mood.  Staying active can look like going for a walk, finding a workout video on YouTube, or dancing to your favorite song.  Choosing to eat healthily and staying active is a huge part of protecting your mental health.

Communicate with others.

Make sure that you’re communicating with others in your daily schedule. Whether that’s scheduling a zoom call with your closest co-workers, a group FaceTime call with friends or calling some family members to catch up.  When you make it a priority to talk to others outside of your home, it makes you feel less lonely when you can’t be face to face.  Maybe think about joining a support group to have accountability and people who are understanding of your feelings. Talking to others who are going through the same thing can provide a sense of community and empowerment.