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In a society where we’re always busy and begging for time, this quarantine should be a blessing.  How many times have we begged for more time in our lives to do the things we love or want to try?  Using this time can be used to do many things like relaxing, connecting with old friends, or using it as me-time.


Since time is on our hands, we should use it to cross off those things on our to-do list.  Finding what to do during quarantine should be intentional so once it’s over, you will come out better than ever. Here are some things to consider while trying to occupy your time:

Finding a new hobby.

We’re always talking to our friends and family saying, “I wish I had more time to start a blog”, or “I wish I had more time to read more” and now we have it.  It’s finally time to dive into your favorite activities or trying something new you’ve always wanted the space and effort to do.  While you’re working from home, make sure to schedule something fun.

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Plan and strategize your life.

It’s no secret that coronavirus has shaken the table up for everyone.  Whether it’s your finances or your personal life, we are all experiencing a major change in our lives. Quarantine is the perfect opportunity to plan and strategize your life post-COVID-19.  What changes do you want to make or have to make?  What are some things you need more or less of?  Take out your laptop or go old school with pen and paper and make a detailed strategy to make those necessary adjustments.  Starting a business, going back to school, or maybe finding a new career path are possibilities on the table that requires structure and planning.

Practice meditation.

In times like this, finding peace is very important.  You may be feeling anxious or worried and you may need to find an outlet that will put your mind at ease.  You don’t need anything fancy but time and silence. Clear your thoughts, sit still, and focus on breathing and positive thoughts.  Other peaceful activities can be being one with nature or finding more time to pray.


Be your truest self.

We’re all in the house, so let loose and be yourself, without all the extra.  Take this alone time to focus on yourself.  Pamper yourself, recreate yourself, and ultimately be you in your purest form.  Looking in the mirror at yourself and making those changes is a hard pill to swallow but with intention, you can find your true self.  Go on a soul search within the house by discovering new passions, journal, and really love on yourself.

This may be a rough moment for you but this quality time with yourself is priceless and can be the difference of a brand new person on the other side.

Let us know how you plan your change in your life and stay safe!