Dr. Collier shares a health update and predicts how the new coronavirus strain will continue to affect our country.

The Omicron variant is rapidly spreading across The United States, so fast, that this week, the country hit a record-breaking number of cases in just one day.

Far too many mainstream media outlets have been quick to erroneously assign blame to the entire continent of Africa for the Omicron variant of COVID-19, progressive civil rights advocacy group Color of Change says: "Tell the media that Black people are not public health threats!"

With the new Omicron variant sweeping the U.S. at an alarming rate, Dr. Collier checks in to give us the most up-to-date information worth knowing when it comes to staying healthy and stopping the spread of COVID-19 even further.

The 81-year-old Robinson said it was "touch and go" after he came down with COVID in December 2020 and was hospitalized, losing his voice and making him fearful he'd never sing again.

Here is a list of famous anti-vaxxers who have died from COVID-19.

In a viral video clip, the New York rapper takes a moment to go off about mask mandates claiming they violate his civil liberties.

Some of your favorite Rap stars now personally know the seriousness of the pandemic. Both Jim Jones and DJ Khaled have admitted they caught Covid-19. As the country faces what seems to be round 2 with the Delta Variant some of Hip-Hop’s biggest names are glad to alive. According to Blavity DJ Khaled and what seems […]

As of Saturday (August 14), all 32 NFL teams had a vaccination rate above 75 percent according to Jeremy Fowler of ESPN. 15 percent of teams were above the 95 percent vaccination rate and 10 percent of teams were above 90 percent.

Fake vaccination cards are starting to circulate throughout the United States and a new black market is on the rise.