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The world has been turned on its head amid the coronavirus crisis and it recently brought an unlikely duo together. During another night flooded with celebs on Instagram Live, DaBaby had a chance to meet his childhood crush Raven Symone.

The random moment happened Tuesday when the Charlotte rapper invited the actress to join him on his @DaBaby Live. While chatting it up in front of fans, DaBaby and Raven were CLEARLY flirting and people couldn’t stop watching their exchange.

Raven remarked that DaBaby was “too young for her”  because she’s 34 and he told her how good she looked for her age.

“Age ain’t nothing but a number…I ain’t no little boy, I just got a baby face….I’m just a cutie pie,” said DaBaby. “34 look good, skin look clear.”

At another part of the conversation, DaBaby told Raven that she was making his followers jealous—but she assured them that she was into women while also adding that she’s freaky.

“I’m a lesbian, y’all can have him,” said Raven.

“Come on Raven you broke my heart in ’06, you won’t do it again,” said DaBaby. “Lesbians? Lesbians, that just means you’re a freak!”

“That doesn’t mean that I’m a freak, I’m freaky. YOU are too,” said Raven.


Later, DaBaby who was in L.A. actually pulled up on Raven and brought her Snickers ice cream bars. DaBaby proudly put his arm around her and Raven joked that she was going to get coronavirus.

“You’re not supposed to be this close to me,” said Raven. “Watch me get corona because of this boy. [laughs] I’m coming right to you, cuz.”

You can watch their exchange below.

All this comes after DaBaby shut down claims he was dating B. Simone, amid rumors he’s dating singer Dani Leigh and after the rapper confirmed that he’s expecting a child soon.

What do YOU think about DaBaby and Raven Symone flirting on IG Live???

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