35-year-old Renaissance Woman Raven-Symoné has literally done everything from acting and modeling to hosting daytime television and even dabbling in music, which makes her the ultimate subject for the next episode of TV One's hit music docuseries 'UNCENSORED.'

Disney once had plans to make the titular character of 'Raven's Home' a lesbian to match the real-life sexuality of actress Raven-Symone, but she actually voted against the decision as a way to keep her actual persona separate from the one she first began playing as a teen almost 20 years ago.

Our favorite auntie whipped up oysters and lobster pasta while ordering the brides a triple-berry cake from popular LA bakery, Sweet Lady Jane.

Raven-Symone' has been on our TV screens since she was a baby and it sounds like she'll be rich forever.

The world has been turned on its head amid the coronavirus crisis and it recently brought an unlikely duo together. During another night flooded with celebs on Instagram Live, DaBaby had a chance to meet his childhood crush Raven Symone. The random moment happened Tuesday when the Charlotte rapper invited the actress to join him on his @DaBaby Live. While chatting it up in front of fans, DaBaby and Raven were CLEARLY flirting and people couldn’t stop watching their exchange.

Raven-Symoné clears up controversy regarding her views on race and to clarify comments she made on The View that kind of spiraled out of control.