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For years, there were rumors that there was some type of beef between Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. Neither one of them ever confirmed that there was an issue. Instead, the two stated that any tension between them had been fabricated by the media. But that’s not the entirety of the story.

When BeBe Winans, a longtime friend of Houston, appeared on ESSENCE’s Yes Girl! podcast, he shared that Mariah did snub Whitney the first time they met in person at the American Music Awards.

By that time, there was already hearsay about a potential issue between the two singers.

BeBe said:

“…That media thing that Whitney and Mariah couldn’t stand each other, right? Rivalry. They had never even met each other, right? So we were at the American Music Awards and I was telling Whitney, ‘I said, ‘You know what—cuz after her performance we were going to leave.—this is what you gonna do. When we leave, you’ve never met her, you stop right in front of her, and you reach out your hand and say ‘hi.”

Whitney said ‘Boy, I’m not doing that.’ I said, ‘Yes you are. You gonna be bigger than all this stuff. I mean, we’re going back and forth and finally she said ‘Okay I’m a do it.’”

So, CeCe in front of her, then Robin, then me and Whitney was in back. It was all planned. So, we went—and from there we would go right out to the car.

Whitney stopped and I kept walking, and she spoke to Mariah. And so we’re walking and she catches up and she pushes me in the back and I hear she said’ Walk fast! Walk fast!’ So we’re walking fast. Everybody said, ‘Hey Whitney.’ She said, ‘Thank you. Thank you.’ She couldn’t wait to get in the car. We got in the car, when that door closed, she said ‘Boy! I ain’t never saying or doing anything you say.’

I said, ‘What happened?’

She said, ‘BeBe, oh my gosh I stopped and I turned around and I put my hand out and I said ‘Hi Mariah, I’m Whitney.’ She said and Mariah turned her head like she didn’t hear nothing. And just turned her head. Whitney said ‘And the Jersey inside of me said grab her hair!’”

Ha-larious. I miss her.”

Given Mariah’s “I don’t know her” m.o., this story is not all that hard to believe.

Thankfully, these two vocalists were able to work things out and shared some type of relationship, in 1998, they presented an award where they made fun of their alleged beef by wearing the same dress. That same year they released the powerful duet, “When You Believe” for the Prince of Egypt soundtrack.

You can listen to the full podcast below.

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