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A mother of two and Navy veteran is now facing several felonies for making false bomb reports as well as two counts of assault after threatening to blow up a church in San Diego. The Christian Post is reporting that, Anna Conkey walked into Mt. Everest Academy holding her 10-month-old baby as well as a handgun.

This incident happened around 12 p.m. on Easter Sunday. Reports state that after walking into the church she went on stage and began to threaten everyone while holding the gun.

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Officials said, “The female walked up on stage and made threats that she was going to blow up the church while waving the handgun.”

One witness mentioned, “She was saying craziness about the rapture not being real and everyone going to hell.”

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After pointing the gun at the congregation, several people got up and tackled her to the ground.

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Reports also state that before this happened at the church she sent an email to them.

In a YouTube video, Conkey explained that God had given her a message for the church.

She said, “Well I had a message to share with my church today, and God had told me before I even went. He was like Anna, it’s not gonna be how you imagine it. And I certainly never imagined that I’d never even get to speak because He told me I was supposed to give a message. They told me to go. They told me they would call the police if I didn’t leave. Yeah. I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do anything that was hmmm, I guess when I said that I had more authority over the teacher which is true because God told me I’m his messenger. I’m an apostle and I’m a prophet. And according to the Bible, a prophet and apostle has more authority than the teacher so I happened to say that, then they told me to go. See how much they care about their hierarchy in the church. I was sent there for a reason.”

Conkey’s children have been taken into protective custody. We’re so thankful that no one was injured during this incident.

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