Keke Wyatt has unveiled her newest venture, announcing plans to establish her own church in Atlanta. The 41-year-old singer shared an exclusive statement, expressing her long-held dream of creating a non-traditional space focused on worship, the word, and inclusivity. Wyatt emphasized her desire for a place free from judgment and drama commonly associated with traditional […]


A minor boy is responsible for a series of threats made against over 50 HBCUs, churches, and other institutions.


The congregation at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church in Tennessee came face-to-face with a gun-wielding robber during a recent Sunday service, and the person who ended up being their savior was none other than the pastor himself.

If you go to a Black church, you know this scene all too well.

Rickey was caught rolling out on the floor laughing today. Literally!


A recent emotional revelation by Pastor Howard-John Wesley, the head of the Alfred Street Baptist Church in Alexandria, Virginia, for 11 years, shows that there hasn’t been enough conversation regarding the emotional state of pastors around the country. Following the suicide of Jarid Wilson, a popular pastor who for years struggled with depression and burnout, […]

As often happens within the faith, especially with a younger generation of believers, finding a good church home can be tough.

Kanye West and his pop-up series of Sunday performances “Sunday Service” made their way to Atlanta over the weekend, drawing members and celebrity guests to Pastor Jamal H. Bryant‘s megachurch in Stonecrest.


We all know that God is the only one who can give and take life. And a woman or man of God shouldn’t attempt to play God by cursing someone’s child over a piece of real estate.

One of Trump’s favorite Blacks, Ben Carson learned that neither he and any members of the Trump administration are not welcomed in the city of Baltimore.