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Taraji P. Henson has completely changed her diet after a scary warning from her doctor this past summer.

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The Empire and upcoming What Men Want actress is the cover star for InStyle’s January issue, and inside, she revealed that she has gone vegan after being told that what she was consuming could possibly cause her to get stomach cancer. While filming the upcoming movie The Best of Enemies in Georgia a few months back, she received the wake-up call after going to the doctor because of some severe stomach pains. According to Henson, she feels better than ever after deciding to completely clean up the way she eats.

“It took a doctor in Macon, Ga., to say, ‘If you don’t change what you’re doing, you’re going to get stomach cancer,’ she told the magazine. “I said, ‘Say no more.’ So I switched everything up out of necessity. I want to live. Thank God, because I feel so much better.”

Thankfully, she has fiancé Kelvin Hayden‘s support. She cooks vegan meals for them and as someone who, according to the magazine, runs his own gym, Hayden is all about good health and even better nutrition. And while it’s unclear if she is going full, full vegan in terms of forgoing the use of all animal products, she’s allegedly at least enjoying a diet of fruits and veggies, grains, nuts, legumes and more.

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It’s a major change for the 48-year-old, who told HelloGiggles last year, before trying a vegan diet, that it was a reliance on coffee,  taking ibuprofen on an empty stomach and alcohol that was hurting her. However, it wasn’t until this summer, after yet another but more stern warning, that she changed her way of eating.

I stopped drinking coffee — I just kicked it, I don’t drink it anymore,” she said. “I save my drinking for the weekends, only on the weekends. People drink alcohol, and just because you’re not an alcoholic it doesn’t mean it’s not destroying your body. You have to know what you’re capable [of drinking]. Five glasses of wine for one person, or five drinks for one person, your body might handle it — but [someone else’s] body might not. But that’s the information you need to know — when you know better, you do better.”

“It took me having this health scare — literally I was on my way to ulcer, which [can lead to] stomach cancer. That scared the life out of me,” she continued. “I’m thinking, ‘I need to grab the wheel!’ It was out of control. I consider myself a healthy person; who knew I was destroying my stomach? But I know now, so I make better choices. I prepare my own food, it’s a lot about food preparation. It’s a lot about education, educating yourself and knowing what you’re putting in your body and what it’s doing to your body.”