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Black Tony is back up to his tricks again. He talked to Rickey Smiley and asked him if he can stay at his house because his mom’s house got shot up last night. These men Black Tony sold “flex pills” to were mad at him and now he has to leave until the heat goes down.

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Rickey mentioned that he doesn’t want any mess or drama at his house and he doesn’t want him to stay there. He also spoke about how Black Tony is musty, has a lot of friends over and the house smells like weed. Black Tony began to get sad because he has no where else to go and is scared to go back to his mom’s house.

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Black Tony then told Rickey that he already told the people that are coming after him that Rickey will protect him as well as stand by him. He also mentioned that Rickey got that head and that he doesn’t mind using it. Black Tony said he’s bringing a box to the station to go in Rickey’s truck and they can carpool to work every morning. He then called Rickey ugly for talking about him on the air.

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