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Black Tony didn’t come to work and began threatening JAHLION SOUND because he hasn’t been playing Gucci Mane. Then Black Tony began to talk about the rough life he’s been living. Rickey Smiley wanted to know how anything could possibly be bothering him because he doesn’t work.

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Black Tony then spoke about how he was at a hotel party with some friends and they were drinking, smoking, playing cards and more. He passed out and when he woke up was laying next to a White man and he was snuggling with him. Black Tony found out that his friends took pictures and some videos of him holding the White guy.

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He mentioned that people are out here trying to ruin his “repitition,” and he really meant reputation. Black Tony asked Rickey to call Barack Obama and ask him to shut down the internet for 4 days. We will have to see what happens when Black Tony gets exposed.

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