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Omarosa joined “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show” to speak candidly about what happened in the White House. She currently has a book “Unhinged” out and revealed some things that went down with Donald Trump. Omarosa mentioned that White privilege is very real and recalls men in the White House talking as if she wasn’t there.

She also spoke about her being taken into the basement, being locked up and threatened about the tapes she had. Omarosa doesn’t operate in fear and believes that God watches over her. When asked about why she supported Trump she admitted that she didn’t think Hillary Clinton or him were great candidates, but she backed the person thought was best.

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During the interview she also spoke about how she took a seat at the table to help HBCU’s, the Flint water crisis and Haiti. Omarosa also spoke about how Trump is a racists, but when meeting him in 2003 didn’t believe he was overtime he changed into someone she didn’t know. Taping conversations in the White House will prove the person that is in the White House doesn’t care about minorities and plans on taking down everything Barack Obama ever did.

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