The city of Flint, Mich. is still undergoing its water supply crisis, which has understandably sparked many celebrities and known figures to show support.

Michigan Governor Bill Synder announced that the state would shut down the water bottle program in Flint, Michigan and churches and organizations in the area in are preparing to be overwhelmed by a surge of people looking for help. NBC reports that Gov. Synder announced the change on April 6 after, “strides have been made […]

For the past four years the people of Flint have been fighting to gain back clean water in their homes as well as schools.

Pregnant women in the Michigan city believe they have lost their babies as a result to the contaminated H20.

The film explores the crisis as a fundamentally human issue—a basic right to have clean water.

Mayor Karen Weaver of Flint, Michigan has had her fair share of issues in Flint

Flint, Michigan is going on year four of battling its poisoned water source.