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Rickey Smiley has a message for people that are traveling to work and at a job where they aren’t appreciated. He wants you to keep the faith and not to let people get to you. Rickey doesn’t care if you are a UPS worker or a customer service agent stay encouraged.

He thanked God for keeping him humble and for not taking these platforms he has to do harm to others. Rickey believes that sometimes in the corporate world people that wear suits think the positions they hold validate them. When people in higher positions treat you wrong just ask God to keep you and allow you to transition to a new job if possible.

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Rickey said, “ I serve a God that that sits high and looks down low.” He also told listeners whenever they are down to read Psalms 37. When you get to a higher role you will know how to treat people. Continue to kill them with kindness, be nice and professional.

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