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PJ Morton set out for his Gumbo Tour last month and hit cities all over. I was lucky enough to attend this amazing show filled with eclectic sounds of R&B, hip hop, jazz and gospel. The crowd cheered so loud as his background singers came down from the stairs wearing yellow and his band members began playing “Religion” off the album. When PJ approached the microphone he got a warm welcome and then talked about getting back into the music he loved.


He began singing “Claustrophobic” as everyone joined in with him even the adlibs. After that PJ Morton looked for his day ones to sing some of his old school songs and then we all sang along as he did a Stevie wonder song leading into “Sticking To My Guns.” He slowed it down a bit and began talking about how blessed he’s been to work with Maroon 5 and travel the world. PJ was honored to be up for several Grammys. He then began playing “First Began” which he was nominated for. As he began to sing the audience screamed as one man proposed to his girlfriend. PJ asked did she say yes and of course she did and he said god bless that couple.


PJ played “Go Thru Your Phone,” which made the crowd laugh because he pointed a couple people out for possibly doing it .He then did “How Deep Is Your Love,” on the album Yebba blesses us with the vocals, but the we gave our own rendition. PJ played “They Gon’Wanna Come” as he spoke about people only supporting you when they want to and told everyone good night but we knew he couldn’t leave us this soon. He came back out for an encore and that’s when church came. It was a benediction I will never forget. PJ ended the night with “Alright” and spoke about purpose in life, going through hard times, but just knowing that everything will be ok. Everywhere people gave the church clap and stomp as the background singers took out their tambourines. He cut the music so we could all sing A cappella with him and PJ began to rock out on his piano.


From start to finish I must say that PJ gave a performance that was unforgettable. At that moment I understand the meaning of “Gumbo,” the album. Like the food it’s mixed with so many different flavors, the person that prepared it put their heart in it and it leaves you full. It leaves you wanting to go back for seconds and fills your soul. Thank you PJ Morton for doing just that at your show.

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