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The Crowd at Broccoli City Festival in Washington, D.C.

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For a long time I would look at people at different festivals such as Firefly, Budweiser Made In America as well as Coachella and think to myself I want to go to something like that. I love the fact that fans of all races and backgrounds are enjoying some of the best entertainers out. Recently I decided to attend Broccoli City Festival, which all week long has events geared towards helping make urban communities better by teaching people how to eat healthier, take care of the environment and create social impact campaigns.


Year round there are several events that take place in different communities in which people can volunteer at. One of the founders, Brandon McEachern began it as a t-shirt line, which then developed into the festival that makes music, art and healthy living cool again. Going to Broccoli Fest this year I didn’t know what to think about it, I was excited to sing along with H.E.R., rock out to Cardi B (pregnant and all), Migos, as well as hear the amazing voices of Daniel Caesar and Miguel.


The biggest issues I had with the entire festival were the long lines to get drinks and food, and confusion with how to actually enter. Being the patient person I am, my friends and I were able to deal with it and enjoy an amazing show. I felt like I was back in college at homecoming. Everyone was in a positive space, and when each performer came out the energy was unreal.



H.E.R. left fans wanting more, and Daniel Caesar gave me chills with every song he sang. Everyone was so hype when Cardi B came on stage, we rapped along with her and laughed as she made jokes. Miguel gave me a R&B rock vibe that I’ve never felt before. He hit notes like Prince, played the guitar so well all while dancing on the stage. During the middle of each set, the DJ had us going by playing Cash Money, grabbing each other to swag surf and walk it out.


Migos was like watching a rock band on stage. Fans were jumping up and down living their best lives. All and all, I loved every moment of Broccoli Fest because I took in so many great memories that I will cherish for a long time. I can’t wait to see who will be at the show next year. Make sure you wear comfy shoes, bring a jacket and purchase your ticket sooner than later, because they sellout fast

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