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Rickey Smiley Promotes His Book 'Stand By Your Truth'

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Rickey Smiley joined Sway to talk about his new book, going to court after being shot and how Steve Harvey helped him. Rickey while promoting his new book “Stand By Your Truth and Run For Your Life” revealed to Sway that after he was shot he recited the Lord’s prayer. That evening Rickey thought he was going to die, but three men found him on the ground and one happen to be a nurse.

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Rickey said, “That was God.” He pained the picture as it being like the scene from “Boyz In The Hood” and it just so happen that his name was Rickey as well. Rickey also spoke about Steve Harvey and how when he was 19 years old he was invited to introduce him. He showed up with a jogging suit on and Harvey told him next time to put on a suit because people paid money.

That same evening Rickey went and got a suit to prove to Harvey that this is exactly what he wanted. Rickey went on to be the host of “The Kings Of Comedy” and “The Apollo.” He owes those jobs to Harvey and was thankful. They also talked about kids and jokes he told that fans weren’t a fan of.

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