Steve Harvey

Steve and Marjorie Harvey stepped out in Paris rocking matching black and white fits that were everything!

Given his longtime success as a comedian, actor, all-around businessman and soon-to-be investor in the cryptocurrency world of NFTs, is Steve Harvey quite possibly the flyest Baby Boomer of them all?

Steve Harvey sat down with Ellen DeGeneres where he playfully joked about his step-daughter Lori's relationship with boyfriend Michael B. Jordan.

. In recent weeks, the comedian and television host has made some more bold choices in those areas, and his latest outfit has Twitter reacting only as they can.

Beyonce speaks out and demands justice for fellow Houstonian George Floyd.

In light of all of this, people on social media starting mentioning Mo’Nique’s name in the conversation, in memes, on tweets, in articles. But none of us had heard from Mo’Nique herself.

Despite being a successful,  syndicated talk show, Steve Harvey’s talk show,  Steve, has been axed from NBC’s lineup.

Folks didn't take too kindly to this old clip of the talk show host circulating on the Internet.

Is the Oscar winner suggesting the talk show host tried to teach her how to be a good house slave?