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Mark Neuhoff, a graduate student and part-time instructor at Virginia Tech is now being investigated after posting his views about white supremacy. According to Richmond.com, his views weren’t supposed to be shared and sparked a heavy debate about the limits of free speech. Neuhoff mentioned that he only talked about it with people that have the same “basic conservative principals.”

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He said, “When people write on Facebook, you’re not writing something thinking it’s going to be made public or that millions of people are going to see it. All of the posts are private for a specific audience who knows and understands who I am.” He also mentioned he didn’t mean to threaten others and the school condemned the views of Neuhoff.

Students gathered on Sept. 29th and interrupted the schools president and criticized him for have a man like him employed at the university. A student, Tori Coan, filed a formal complaint and spoke out about how the professor allegedly targeted her. The university was supposed to be investigating the situation, but she was never given any updates. As for now Neuhoff remains a professor at the university, do you think the school should let him go?

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