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Former Fox News political pundit, Stacey Dash, fails to see the humor in Chelsea Handler’s commentary on her Netflix show, in which the comedian named Dash in her gallery of “Black White supremacists.”

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Dash penned a response on the Young Conservatives blog, calling Handler’s comment “a stupid thing to say,” and accusing her of exploiting an “unfortunate racial divide.”

That’s an interesting response from someone who has no problem dishing out insults. In August, Dash called California Democrat Rep. Maxine Water a “buffoon” in a tweet. Yet, here she is crying about being a victim. Such hypocrisy, Stacey.

According to Breitbart, Handler made the comment in her final comedy segment of “Chelsea” on Friday, in which she named different types of racists. Handler named conventional categories, such as White nationalists, neo-Nazis and White supremacists.

To that list, she added “Black White supremacists,” and named Dash, HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, and former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke—each one a Black conservative who supports President Donald Trump.

Dash interpreted the label to mean a “White supremacists in Black skin.”

How dare you assume I think White people are better than me or anyone that has my skin color?” Dash wrote. “I expect that kind of trolling from ignorant social media comments; not from a supposedly sophisticated and enlightened comedienne and author.”

Dash stated that Handler is utilizing her White privilege—enhanced by her celebrity and wealth—to “slander” the trio. She said their only sin is disagreeing with liberals.

She accused the comedian of going after “low-hanging fruit” in her joke writing. In her criticism, Dash had the nerve to invoked former first lady Michelle Obama’s, “When they go low, we go high.”

SOURCE: Young Conservatives, Breitbart


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