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Is walking while Black a crime now?

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Three young Black men from Ville Platte, La. Are re covering after being hit by a truck while walking along the road.

According to KATC, the driver that hit these men are not being charged, but they are.


The young men all are bruised, have scrapes and have been fined for not wearing reflective clothing as well as obstructing a public passage.

One of the victims, 21-year-old Deonte Williams said, “For me to find out that this guy gets to just go home—we all get some misdemeanors and nothing happened to him. I’m upset about it.”

Police believe it is the young men’s fault for being hit because they didn’t have the appropriate attire on.

Williams also said, “I just wake up; my cousin [is] telling me, ‘Don’t get up,’ and I was just full of blood. When I wake up, I don’t see nobody with the truck there. I don’t see nothing but the ambulance leaving with me.”

While the young men are hoping the charges get dropped, it is upsetting to see they even have to go through this.

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