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In a series of experiments, researchers played 250 audio clips featuring 414 people of varying races and genders, who were all stopped by the police.

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'Cops' is making a comeback to television four months after Paramount canceled the show in response to George Floyd protests around the country. Why the comeback? Producers found a workaround to get back to filming without disrupting the civil unrest around the U.S.


Two Chicago mothers who devoted their lives as activists to end gun violence lost their lives in a drive-by shooting according to NBC News.


The video, tapped by the victim Wesly Michel, showed Michael Cukor as he began to accost Michel for simply waiting in the building’s lobby while he waited for his friend.

In this case, the man, a father was begged by his tearful son not to do it, but we’re sure you know how that turned out.

The Richmond Police Department launched an internal investigation after 13-year-old shared a video of a police officer yelling out of the window of his police cruiser to a group of students.

Dyma Loving was arrested by Miami Dade police for reportedly being distraught after she called the cops to report a man who threatened her with a shot gun.

The video is compiled of dashcam footage as well as security cameras from local businesses near where the shooting occurred.

A woman’s bizarre actions elsewhere in the world are making international headlines.

This is a very bizarre story that unfortunately highlights a double standard in America.