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Azealia Banks is making headlines once again, and it’s not for her music.

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The rapper posted a cryptic message via Facebook on Sunday about an incident that occurred over the weekend, involving actor Russell Crowe. Banks claims that Crowe called her the N-word and ‘choked and spat’ at her before throwing her out of a party at his hotel room. Eyewitnesses say it was her behavior that caused her to be thrown out of the party.

According to other party-goers, Banks threatened to cut Crowe’s guests and watch them bleed. The drama went down on Saturday in the Academy Award winner’s room at a Beverly Hills hotel, where he invited about 10 people over to have dinner and listen to music. One of his guests was RZA, who brought Azealia along with him. Sources say that the madness began when Azealia laughed out loud at Russell’s music selection, and then called him and at least one other guest, “boring white men.” A female guest reportedly jumped to Russell’s defense and suggested Banks calm down.

Azealia reportedly responded with a few N-words and, “You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s***.” Russell had enough after the singer reportedly reached for her glass and cocked it back. He grabbed her in a bear hug and carried her out of the suite, then called hotel security guards, who removed Azealia from the grounds.

As for RZA, he says that only Azealia used the N-word, not Russell. Four other eyewitnesses have given statements about the bizarre incident. We’ll keep you posted as the story develops.


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