Yo mama is so nasty she bathe in salt water to keep the crabs fresh.

Yo mama so gay Steve Harvey wrote a book about her called “Think Like a Man, and Look Like One Too”

Yo mama so fat she use sofa cushions for tampons

Yo mama so dumb I asked her what’s the capital of Texas, she said “T”

Yo mama so dumb she failed a blood test

Yo mama so dumb she thought Grape Nuts was a STD

Yo mama so dumb she called me to get my phone number

Yo mama so dumb she filled the inside of her car with water so she could use the car pool lane

Yo mama so dumb she tried to use her bus pass at Subway

Yo Mama nickname in high school was “the Bartender” cuz everybody around her got a shot

In high school yo mama nickname was “end zone” cuz all the football players had ran thru it

In high school yo mama nickname was “swimming pool” cuz everybody jumped in it….

Mama so nasty in high school they called her “Fireplace” cuz anything you stuck in there came out burning

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