Special K

Names evolve but in the black culture, many names are staples. Special K pointed out that certain black names are becoming extinct.

Who came up with all these random national days? Special K has a theory and more in News You Can't Use on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show!

Special K takes it back for Throwback Thursday when life was so different. 

Rickey Smiley and Special K have a conversation on what makes someone a great comedian while discussing T.I.'s outburst toward comedian, Lauren Knight.

We've got a special BHM segment of "News You Can't Use" for today, with resident clown Special K letting us in on a few Black inventions we rarely get credit for that are sure to enlighten while also making you laugh as per usual.

It wouldn't be wrong to describe every co-host on the Rickey Smiley Morning Show as multitalented individuals, and now it looks like Special K has a great idea for how to profit off the skills of his on-air coworkers. 

It looks like our very own co-hosts Special K & Da Brat are ready to bury their past transgressions for good.

Can you relate to these phrases Special K is explaining? Don't forget to see him in Alabama at the StarDome Comedy Club!

Special K breaks down love songs and how the music doesn't even reflect the relationships these artists truly have. 

Special K​'s son went to work on a normal day to clean a lady's air duct and it ended with him possibly delivering a baby!