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You asked for it and we have it for you from The Rickey Smiley Morning Show! Check out Special K’s latest poem “Ode to the Hate Tweeters” below.

This one’s dedicated to all the people who be hating us on Twitter; Sitting on your funky untalented ass wasting days of your life being bitter!

You cant wait to turn on the show every day,not cuz you like it but cuz you looking for something hateful to say!

“I cant stand that hollering Rock-T does, I hate that NY dread dude HeadKrack!” Now you would never say it to either one of their face ok, but you brave behind their back.

“And this new chick Claudia Jordan, bruh I don’t like her, she’s bitchy and mean!” Man, SHUT UP! cuz if you even half a hetero man, you’d still like to get in them jeans!

Give her a break, she’s got issues, half black and half white, aint got no man at home, nobody to snuggle at night!

Now on a side note that’s fixable, we can cure her loneliness fears, cuz if she looking for a spoon partner tonight, hell I know of at least three volunteers!

Then you tweet, “Well, I hated Ebony too, she got on my nerves, just bugged me to death!” And you STILL sending hate tweets two months later even though she BEEN done left?

Ya’ll even be hating on Gary With Da Tea, saying he wear ugly shirts and he’s just crazy and TOO damn gay! But to keep it 100, I can’t even lie, I think even the rest of us feel the same way.

You say Rickey Smiley always cussing people out and blocking me from sending my tweets! Well hell, hater what you expect from the dude? You trying to mess up what helps this man eat!

Ya’ll already know his nerves bad like a old person and his feelings be turned up on a hunned! Man leave him alone! And stop trying to take his picture for kill one of yall ass and be on “America’s Comedians Most Wanted”!

You say Special K he aint funny and Juicy is annoying”….but we been working here all these damn years? Well apparently SOMEBODY gets a chuckle out of me, cuz I’m still employed, got my last check stub right here!

Now you can think that you can do this better than each one of us, Coming up with your great programming ideas while you waiting for the bus?

Just keep being a hate tweeter I know it gives you something to do, and a good laugh for the 13 people following you.

But like the Good Book says, your hateful tweets too shall pass; but in the meantime I speak for everybody when I say, “Hate Tweeters, Y’all can kiss my A..!”

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