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keyshia-cole-gettyR&B singer Keyshia Cole has been weathering quite a few storms recently. While in the midst of a deteriorating marriage with NBA player Daniel “Boobie” Gibson, Cole was accused by her fans for condoning racism after she took a photo with embattled pop star Justin Bieber.

The “Rick James” singer posted a photo with her and Bieber in the studio. Apparently, Justin Bieber played Keyshia some records off of his upcoming album and they worked on some songs for her album. Needless to say, her fans weren’t too thrilled with her hanging out with a person who has repeatedly used the n-word in the past.

Keyshia Cole’s fans bombarded her with comments like “Only In America! Celebs condone other celebs racism!” While that comment was pretty tame, the others went all the way in on Keyshia Cole. One woman said, “The racist…no way after hearing him talk about killing a ni**er and it being one less would I ever work with him. But some of us people overlook that crap for money.”

Keyshia Cole hasn’t responded to the controversy and Justin Bieber is too busy dealing with his own legal issues to care what Keyshia cole’s fans have to say about him.

Check the photo that sparked it all below.

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