A college professor sued Texas A&M claiming an initiative seeking "underrepresented" racial groups for its faculty discriminates against white men. The post White Professor Sues Texas A&M For Recruiting ‘Underrepresented’ Racial Groups To Increase Faculty Diversity appeared first on NewsOne.

The son of the oldest victim that passed away, 86-year-old Ruth Elizabeth Whitfield, joins Civil Rights and Personal Injury Attorney Ben Crump to discuss the tragic events, the climate of the city, and the legacy of his mother. 

A Black couple in Texas recorded a 9-year-old white boy cracking a whip on their home's door before the boy's father, Bryan Thomas Brunson, pulled a gun and nearly shot his own daughter. It was all recorded on a doorbell camera.

Parents of students at Missouri's Holt High School are mad about an assignment that asks which political party is most likely to deny racism was involved in an incident where an unarmed Black man is shot by cops. The answer, of course, is Republicans, but my thing is—why are they mad at the obvious truth?

The Rickey Smiley Morning Show discusses if this generation realizes that racism is serious. 

The latest example in a complicated history of racism in schools occurred not too long ago in Chatham County after a mother says her son was "sold" in a mock slave auction at his K-8 school in North Carolina.

Black History Month is already the shortest month of the year, but folks can't contain their shenanigans long enough to let Black people shine.

A Texas school board trustee says he and his family have been the subject of death threats after comments he made at school board meetings falsely equating Black teachers and high school dropout rates.

Stockton California Police are investigating a possible hate crime after a black man was shot seven times by a white man he did not know after a traffic incident turned violent.

The person accused of playing monkey sounds and racist music whenever his Black neighbors come and go from their home in Virginia Beach has reportedly been identified as John Michael Eskildsen, a nearly 50-year-old white man who lives with his mother.