Yeezy team members are vocalizing what it was like working for Kanye West, and they say it was like a cult.

Alicia Keys and Justin Bieber are set to perform at Migo's rapper Takeoff's funeral service Friday at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

Kodak, real name Bill Kahan Kapri, was one of four persons shot outside the venue on Saturday around 2:45 a.m., and he was rushed to the hospital where he is now listed in stable condition.

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Who makes these decisions? Justin Bieber decided to roll up on Kanye West’s Sunday Service, but the kicker is he sang a rendition of “Never Would’ve Made It.” Yes, the Beebs decided it would be a good look to drop his spin on Marvin Sapp’s holy classic. Of course, there is footage. So much […]

Justin Bieber is a married man! See photos from his big day with Hailey Rhode Bieber below… SEE ALSO: Justin Bieber Accidentally Runs Over Photographer [VIDEO] SEE ALSO: 5 Tom Cruise Scenes Justin Bieber Should Watch Before Challenging Him In ANY Fight

Justin Bieber hit the Gram to show his support of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Biebs has been re-branding his image and life lately, being heavily involved in church and eliminating a lot of people he deems unhealthy from his life. Well today he posted a picture with the words, “Black Lives Matter” and […]

Paparazzi were all around as Justin Bieber left Saban Theater where he attended a City Church event.