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6. David Needs To Stop Being Such a Doormat

Last season David Rosen took on the Whitehouse and Olivia Pope, he paid dearly for it but eventually got everything he wanted in the end, including Abby as his girlfriend. The problem with this? Well like Quinn, David has been left with nothing to do since he got his job back and the only times he shows up are when Abby wants something from him.

That wouldn’t be such a problem, if David didn’t give her whatever she wants every single time! David has done things that the past him wouldn’t have even dreamed of just because Abby’s sleeping with him and these actions have lead to Olivia’s mom (A Terrorist!) getting free. David really needs to start standing up for himself and soon or he’s going to end up behind bars over his next favor to Olivia Pope and Associates. I mean Abby can’t be that good in bed.

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