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So, honorary Gladiators, what did you think about the latest episode of “Scandal?”

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Things got quite intense when a lady by the name of Mary showed up at Pope & Associates in desperate need of Liv and her team’s help to receive justice for her son that was shot and killed by the FBI. Even though Liv agreed to take on Mary as a client, Mary decided to take the law into her own hands by strapping a bomb to her body and threatening to blow up a portion of the White House with a couple of congressmen and Olivia inside!

Meanwhile, Huck was on the hunt for Eli Pope, Olivia’s father, the same man he called “command” and was  responsible for torturing him and turning him into a stone cold killer.  And how could we forget that Jake, Olivia’s “other boo,” was STILL shacking up at her apartment! Where do we even begin!?

In case you weren’t taking notes or following our #ScandalParty on Twitter (@HelloBeautiful), here are a few things to remember for next week’s episode.

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