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In case you’ve been living under a rock the past two years, “Scandal” reigns supreme as must-see television.  Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope, a hard-as-nails, savvy crisis manager who helps Washington’s elite clean up their dirty little secrets. Making life more complicated is her toxic but addictive love/hate relationship with President Fitzgerald Grant. (Tony Goldywn).  Armed with her small army of whip smart “gladiators,” Pope & Associates  are always three steps ahead of the competition, making life impossible for Assistant U.S. Attorney David Rosen (Josh Malina).

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If you’re a “Scandal” newbie, have no fear. The Urban Daily lists five things you need to know about TV’s most talked about political drama.

1.  Olivia Pope is a B-O-S-S

From her flawless fashion sense to her infamous gladiator stomp,  Olivia Pope is every woman’s inner Superwoman.  Fiercely intelligent and cunning,  Olivia wears the white hat in the WIld, Wild West of politics.  But Olivia is also a protective mama bear when it comes to her work family,  who won’t hesitate to break the law to keep friends and her lover, the President, out of harm’s way.

2.   Fitz is very messy

President Fitzgerald Grant, III may be the most powerful man in the free world, but his every waking thought and desire revolves around Olivia.  Fitz is reckless in his pursuit of his lady love, and clearly isn’t worried about putting his marriage or presidency in jeopardy with this adulterous affair.

3.  Red wine is a must!

Every episode of “Scandal”  is an emotional roller coaster, leaving viewers both breathless and mentally discombobulated. Hard liquor may not be the way to go on a Thursday night, but a good bottle of merlot is the perfect liquid medicine to calm your nerves.

4.   Harrison is the best friend every girl should have

When you have a life full of secrets and lies like Olivia, it helps to have a strong shoulder to lean on.  Dapper and debonair, Harrison is the most loyal employee at Pope & Associates, ready to do do Olivia’s bidding, no questions asked.   Even though Harrison has his own suspicions about Olivia’s underhanded dealings, Harrison’s devotion to Olivia is a thing of beauty.  Honestly, how many depictions of platonic friendships between black men and women do we see on primetime television?

  5.  “Scandal” rules Black Twitter

Part of Scandal’s phenomenal success is its domination of the Twitterverse on Thursday nights.  Chatting with millions of other Scandaholics generates over 300,00 tweets per episode and is usually #1 trending topic hours after episode’s end.  The best part  is being able to chat with the entire cast of “Scandal” – not only do they dish inside scoop, they also write back to their fans.  So arm yourself with a fully charged laptop, limbered up typing fingers and join in the biggest social media party!


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